This Messy Life

For me it,” life” has always been about self-expression, being raised by a vegan, Julliard trained opera singing hippie, activist Mother and a brilliant actor, writer, director activist Father, I have inherited the ability to be a walking, talking contradiction. Strong and fierce, yet fragile and meek, how can so many traits be in one human conscious body? Well that is the great thing about being human, we are walking contradictions and we should be allowed to march to our own drummer. The problem is that sometimes us walking out our lives, freaks other people out. I think this is basically because they are “not doing”, their lives the way they “feel”, they should be “doing” their lives. So it makes a human more hypersensitive to others who are actually accomplishing their goals and their healthy desires. To a stuck human “these people” look like they are living a free flowing life. Side-note: We may look like we are free flowing but that does come with a cost and that is for another post. So basically, it is about the naysayers getting a life by getting out and living their authentic true life, not the half backed miserable lives they “feel” they are experiencing at this moment. The potential here is that all of this can make you their focal point of judgment. We all have been highly judged in our lives and probably have done a fair amount of judging, (although I like to think of myself as a recovering judgmental person). Let us as the human race stop trying to make others more like us, let us embrace the differences in one another and the differences in ourselves and make this life a good run. As I said we are walking, talking, breathing, real life contradictions and it isn’t a half bad way of living. My personal goal is to live my genuine life, to show love and be there for my children, to reach out always and embrace and live the best life I can. My hope for you this day, is that you figure out how to maneuver this messy amazing place called our world and do it in your own healthy style.

Peace, Stillness and Vivacious Laughter,

Dr. Ghia♥

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