About FWM

Where real life meets real solutions: We are all on a quest for solutions, solutions to the things that puzzle us about our lives, well I think we also are on a journey of just finding out how to maneuver this life and do it with some grace. That is what FWM is about and right now it consist of some of the most talented people in their arenas and they are my friends. These are the people who I will be interviewing and putting their genius work on this web site, artist, writers, teacher, thinkers, musicians.

The name Free World Ministry was chosen, because I believe  if we can free our Minds from the things that bind us, then we actually can and will help free the world,  one person at a time. You see it is all about healthy duplication, we get strong in our own lives and we can help others in theirs.

What does this mean ” free our minds “, it means there are situations in our lives that can bring the strongest person down. What I do here is help people reach their life destiny, through creative life coaching and amazing transformational techniques. In this process  there is something that takes place, it takes place in the quest of destiny and this is where you will be able to (with some work) shrug off and break the unhealthy habits and practices that prevent you and a lot of us from living out our potentially marvelous lives.The heart and passion I have for this work was birthed out of my own life happenings, so I simply wanted to pass on what was given to me and what has worked in my own life and those I have taught.

There are so many exciting things happening via the web and other technologies and we are taking advantage of this. Sessions are given over the phone, e mail , IM, Skype, as well as utilizing  the ability to have podcast and written teaching and e books at your down loadable finger tips . Simply put, we can reach so many people, with our upcoming radio program, podcast, teaching, interactive creativity, it is limitless.

There are a lot of wonderful self help sites out there, why is FWM your place for healing? What makes FWM a beautiful place and your specific place to receive restoration and healing for your life? The answer to this is life altering yet so basic, I have the understanding that we are created for greatness and the creator of the universe has the blueprint to our souls. I simply tap into His blueprint giving self and help you with your individually unique needs, really a simple idea and an amazing process.

Dr. Ghia ♥





"Freedom is not just another word"