The Coaching Box

“The Coaching Box” is the Mobil version of Dollar a Minute Coaching. We bring our Coaching Box set up, ( which is sleek and compact for space), to your business and set up for however long you schedule us for.
Your clients have access to Professional Life Coaching at an amazing price of $1.00 a minute. After their spa, their Chiropractic appointment, Dentist appointment, their shopping, hair and nails, or whatever, they come into “The Coaching Box” and get some amazing healthy tools for their lives. If you are a corporate business, we can come in and boost your employee’s productivity, by potentially helping them get to the source of things that are preventing them from concentrating on the day’s task. This could boost your company’s overall productivity and mean more money for your business. Call and set up your time for “The Coaching Box” to help you and your Client/Costumer out of YOUR box.
Dr. Ghia Edwards, Psy.D., Rev.

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