No More Being a Victim


We should never give up our power to play the “GAME of VICTIM”, it is not why we were put on this earth to acquiesce in a negative fashion and truly just hand over our essence to a circumstance and often a person. You might think circumstance, how can we hand over our power to a circumstance? Well this is an easy thing to do, all we have to do is allow the state of “Overwhelm“to come on the scene and there we are. We now are playing “Victim” to the circumstance, walking 3 steps behind while it puffs out it’s chest, screaming to the world “IT” has won but alas no it has not won. Not if we place our thoughts in the here and now realizing our strength in God and our capabilities to overcome negative behavioral patterns. Let us go back a bit and let me endeavor to define the”GAME of VICTIM”. This  is a popular game, many individuals partake in its seemingly tasty treats, all for a price to pay. You see when we indulge ourselves in this game of victim, we get mad rewards from those around us, we receive comfort and poor woe is you and me and a bevy of cocked heads with sad eyes and extended arms, as if all this hoopla is going to be the salve that makes everything better. All of which continues to feed that dark deep hole that CRAVES and LONGS for this type of illicit attention, all with a cost to pricey.

Oh I wish I could say that I do not know what it is like to delve into this decadent game but yet I do and this is what I have Divinely learned. In order for us to be a part of this charade, we have to think of all these unfortunate  things happening “TO US”, instead of“ TOWARDS” us, we have to hand over willingly who we are, our greatness sculptured by God and just take it, take the punches of life . “TO US” VS “TOWARDS US”. Let me share the difference with you, if someone throws a ball at me, in my direction, I can do one of two things. I can put out my hands and try to catch it, or I can think that ball is coming fast and furious and it is GOING to hurt, it is going to cause damage,so I am going to MOVE out of its way. I can also say, if it does hit me I am going to remove myself from any more damage,  by NOT picking the ball up and beginning to play catch with the person or circumstance that lob it in the first place. Victims have things, words happening to them, let us instead of a “TO ME “ mentality, let us endeavor to have a “Towards me” mentality, just that one minor adjustment can truly save our lives from a slow and steady victimization destruction. Let us breathe and live and know this is not an instant process, let us rejoice in just the seeing and then the doing.