Sacred Circle Workshops

    This is an intimate workshop that will in part focus on: Centering yourself through your dreams and goals. Mindfulness techniques to help you in your everyday journey. Meditation, breathing and visualization of your positive life And other Healthy Spirit, Soul, Mind and Body techniques for everyday. For details call 281-772-5843 AND e mail …Looking forward to having you join me, Joy, Dr. Ghia


2 thoughts on “Sacred Circle Workshops”

    1. Hi Danelle,
      So so Sorry for such the late reply this was not visible to us until today and yes there are workshops for children as well as adults and they are amazing!!! Life changing things happen in every workshop I have taught and been a part of….They are held in Alamo Heights area!
      Please give me a call
      Dr. Ghia
      281 772 5843

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