Who Is Dr. Ghia



~ Asa ~ ( /’ay-sah/ ) is a Hebrew name, which means “doctor,” or “healer” and Dr. Ghia is used as both, she is a professor of Psychology, received her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology December 2010, in Southern California, and her Masters of Arts Counseling and Psychology in 2005. Dr. Ghia believes in MINDFULNESS techniques and teaches the art of staying in the here and now. Dr. Ghia also believes in long term healing that comes from really delving into your healing process in practical ways (Yoga, EFT, walking, Jogging, cleansing breathing, forgiveness of others as well as ourselves for real or perceived wrongs), all of which are being done with the HEART of healing AND gratitude. Dr. Ghia is beginning work on another PH.D and with this the Dr. is looking forward to adding even more to FWM and Asaexpressives . Dr. Ghia is also a licensed Ordained Minister.

"Freedom is not just another word"